Case Study: Evaluating and Enhancing Marketing Spend

At a leading provider of products for the Automotive Aftermarket, the Category Management team wanted to evaluate results of a recent promotion featuring a popular celebrity. The two month promotion was a first for the manufacturer, and the team wanted to know: Was the promotion effective? How much did it help us? How much did it benefit our retailer partner?

By looking at market share data for the top three brands in the category during the promotion period, it was clear that the campaign did indeed move the needle. Market share for the company improved by double digits. Even more important, by aligning weekly sales results with the promotional schedule, it was apparent which activities had the most impact. Sales circulars drove impressive increases for the client in the weeks they dropped. (At the same time, competitors’ circulars were seen to have an impact on their sales as well.)

With objective information on the impact of the promotion, the manufacturer was able to gain placement and position itself as a strategic partner to the retailer. With real evidence that the campaign grew sales for the category and important learnings to drive comparable programs in the future, the positions of both manufacturer and retailer are strengthened.

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