We are eating more burgers than ever for breakfast and the trend is growing

Traditional bacon sandwich tops Britain’s breakfast top 10, with croissants coming in last

London 27th Mar 2014: Foodservice industry figures from the NPD Group show that burgers are fast becoming a British breakfast staple out of home. In the year ending December 2013, we consumed more than 100 million burgers when we had breakfast away from home, up more than +6% on 2012. Around one in 12 out-of-home burger servings (8.6%) were gobbled up before 11am compared to one in 16 (6.2%) five years ago (to year ending December 2008).

Kids are keener than ever on breakfast burgers

Groups with kids up to 17 years of age are playing an important role in the growing popularity of burgers as a breakfast item. Five years ago, adults unaccompanied by kids consumed more than 67% of burger servings eaten away from home in the 6am to 10:59am breakfast time slot. Groups with kids up to 17 years of age ate the remaining 33%. Fast forward five years to 2013 and the adult share of breakfast burgers is down eight percentage points (at just over 59%), while groups with kids now get through nearly 41% of Britain’s breakfast burger servings – more than 40 million each year.

But bacon sandwiches are still the nation’s favourite

The NPD Group data reveals there’s no beating the mighty bacon sandwich, which took first place in the league table of our favourite breakfast food items eaten out of home.

Britons happily munched through more than 268 million bacon sandwiches when they ate breakfast away from home in 2013. Taking second, third, fourth and fifth places, toast, eggs, sausage and baked beans accounted for a further 793 million servings combined in the ‘out of home’ British Breakfast Top 10.

Croissants came tenth – right at the bottom of the British Breakfast Top 10 – with little more than 91 million servings, indicating that our tastes at breakfast time are distinctly ‘uncontinental’.

Is there any chance of our breakfast preferences becoming more European? NPD Group’s figures suggest Britons would rather have a breakfast sandwich – meaning any sandwich with a breakfast-type filling – than a croissant. We ate close to 117 million breakfast sandwich servings in 2013, over 25% more than for croissant servings.

The NPD Group: British Breakfast Top 10 food items (breakfast eaten while out of home)
Year ending December 2013
Servings (millions) 5am to 10:59am
Bacon sandwich 268.1
Toast 247.0
Eggs 198.0
Sausage 196.6
Baked beans 151.7
Hash browns 133.7
Breakfast sandwich 116.6
Burger 100.1
Cereal 99.6
Croissants 91.0

Jack MacIntyre, UK Foodservice Account Manager for The NPD Group, said: “When people eat breakfast – perhaps on the way to work, or in the office, or as a treat at weekends – burgers are clearly growing in popularity. But the breakfast classics – servings of good old-fashioned bacon sandwiches, toast, eggs, sausage and baked beans – are unlikely to be toppled anytime soon. And, despite Britain’s improving café culture, it doesn’t look like continental breakfast favourites such as the croissant are going to sidetrack the appeal of the Great British Breakfast.”

Note to Editors:

  • All data is for breakfast eaten ‘out of home’ in Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) in the year ending December 2013.
  • In this survey, breakfast is defined as food bought between 5am and 10:59am.
  • Groups with kids: a group of diners containing at least one person under the age of 17.

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