Make up slides in the heat while skincare sales soar

Women prefer to hydrate during the UK heatwave

London: 29th August 2018:  The sale of prestige skincare products in the UK reported an increase of 3% during the UK heatwave, the five weeks between 24th June 2018 and 28th July 2018 according to The NPD Group, a global information company. Sales of prestige make-up during the heatwave declined by 9% as consumers adopted a more natural, clean skin approach to their summer beauty looks.

Boosted by new launches, skincare has seen a revival in 2018 and was valued at £271 million in the period from January 2018 to June 2018, an increase of 4%. Whilst make-up, which was valued at £358 million from January to June 2018 declined 2% compared to the same period in 2017.  

Skin hydration in the heat

During the heatwave in 2018 consumers opted for lighter skincare textures with serum, resulting in an increase in sales value by 22% compared to the same five-week period last year.  Gel format moisturisers saw double digit growth increasing sales value by 16%. 

Helen Duxbury, Senior Account Manager, NPD UK Beauty says: “The heatwave in the UK presented some interesting challenges to beauty retailers this year. The intensity and longevity of the warm weather saw women turn away from heavy make-up looks, opting for a fresher face with light touch products and some waterproof make-up. Skincare really benefitted with hydrating sprays and gel format moisturisers really booming during this period.”

Keeping cool

Face mists, whilst a small category in women’s facial skincare, reported an increase of 33% in the five-week period of the heatwave as women sought to cool and hydrate the skin.

Cream-based face masks contributed 51% of the sales volume in the face mask category, contributing half of the gains in this sector. Paper/Patch/Wipes face masks, many of which are marketed for their cooling, hydrating effects contributed to 39% of the gains. Face sun care sales increased 32% and after sun care products increase sales by 11%.

Make-up slides in the heat

Make-up sales during the five-week period between 24th June 2018 and 28th July 2018 declined by 9% compared to the same period in 2017. Foundation declined 9% during the heat wave, eye shadow sales declined by 27% and concealer sales declined 24%.

There were some positive stories in the prestige make-up sector. Long wear lip colour increased sales by 4%. Sales of waterproof mascara increased 75% during the heatwave compared to the same period in 2017. Mascara lines that boosted volume and curls increased sales by 30% and 14% respectively. Setting sprays saw a 36% value increase during the heatwave with more brands entering into this segment and scented versions launching to market.

Duxbury concludes: “The UK heatwave saw some dramatic shifts in consumer spending in the prestige beauty market. Whilst many of these are to be expected, such as a shift to more hydrating, lighter texture skincare and waterproof mascara and long wear lipstick, it was interesting to see the role that face masks played in helping to keep skin cool and hydrated during the summer months. This demonstrates that face masks continue to be a key element of women’s beauty regime.”

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