Britons Will Have Eaten an Estimated 135 Million Home Takeaways Worth £405 Million During World Cup Month

London, 7th July 2014: Foodservice industry figures from global information company The NPD Group show that Britons made 5.92 billion visits to a local takeaway or retail outlet such as a supermarket in the year ending March 2014, spending £17.9 billion on takeaway food, an average of around £3 per visit. Assuming this recent level of demand continued through the 32 days of the FIFA World Cup Brazil (June 12th to July 13th), and taking into account summer variations, by the time the World Cup Final is played this Sunday we will have ordered around 540 million takeaways worth some £1.57 billion.

How many of these will we have taken home to eat in front of the TV? Based on the same recent data, some 25% of these meals will have been eaten at home, meaning Britons will have consumed some 135 million home takeaways during the World Cup worth a potential £405 million.

Will Chinese food win the 2014 Take-a-Meal Home Trophy?

For the year ending March 2014, Chinese/oriental takeaway outlets were the most popular choice for a home takeaway, representing 17.5% of all home takeaway visits. So, assuming the same level of demand during the 32 days of the World Cup, Chinese/oriental food is likely to win the Take-a-Meal Home Trophy. Picking up something tasty from supermarkets or similar outlets is the second choice (these comprised 16.9% of all home takeaways for the year ending March 2014), with fish and chips taking third place with a 14.8% visit share and pizza scoring fourth at 11.4%.

But are home takeaways on a losing streak?

While Britons still spend £7 billion each year on home takeaways, this way of eating has recently been on a losing run in Britain, decreasing -3.1% year ending March 2014 compared to 2013. But it is up by a total of 5.1% over the past four years since the last World Cup. And while a takeaway meal for home that can be shared with children accounts for 28.4% of all takeaway meals for home occasions, this too is a declining trend.

The NPD Group: Britain’s Top 10 Home Takeaways (Year ending March 2014) % of total home takeaway visits
Oriental/Chinese 17.5
Retail / supermarket 16.9
Fish and chips 14.8
Pizza / Italian 11.4
Burger 7.9
Indian 6.4
Chicken 5.5
Kebab 4.4
Bakery 3.5
Sandwich 2.0

“Many people choose home takeaways during the World Cup – it’s such a temptation to cut out cooking in favour of sitting on the sofa at home and enjoying a fantastic event,” said Cyril Lavenant, Director of Foodservice UK. “Based on the popularity of Chinese/oriental food to the end of March this year, it’s likely this will have been the winning home takeaway during the World Cup.”

Chips are ‘Man of the Match’

While Chinese/oriental food will be the winning home takeaway cuisine during the World Cup, the favourite individual takeaway food items will be chips/French fries - featuring in 19.1% of takeaway visits to the year ending March 2014. This will be followed by a Chinese main dish (17.5%), pizza (12.9%) and fish (8.2%). And what will we have chosen to wash down our takeaways? Cola (regular and diet) had the highest share by far and was purchased in one out of five (19.5%) of takeaway visits in the year ending March 2014. So it’s likely that cola will have been the champion beverage throughout the 2014 World Cup month.

Note to Editors:

  • Predictions of takeaway consumption during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil are based on actual figures to year end March 2014. They assume demand seen in the 12 months to March 2014 continues during the 32 days of the World Cup
  • Takeaway: refers to food and/or beverage consumed ‘off premises’. This means one person ordering one ready-to-eat hot or cold meal and/or beverage from a takeaway or other retail outlet, such as a supermarket. The order can be in person, or by internet or by phone for delivery or pick-up. It can also be consumed in any location, including home; workplace or college; public or private transport; or any public space such as a park
  • Home takeaway: a meal/drink purchased during a takeaway meal visit and then consumed at home.

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