Snapshot Report: Christmas in Foodservice

Christmas is considered peak season for footfall across many categories, but what does it mean for foodservice?

Throughout the year, foodservice competes with many other categories for consumers’ attention and spend, among them, toys, makeup, skincare, and sports footwear. Most of those categories achieved higher spend growth last year than foodservice.

At Christmas, the competition intensifies. The Christmas season accounted for 20 percent of all foodservice visits in 2017. But consumers typically spend more per visit during the Christmas season, which tells us they are less price-conscious during this period.  

To stand out and attract their fair share of Christmas shoppers, operators need to know these consumers, the channels they visit during the season, and the products they seek.

Driving as much footfall as possible to their outlets requires that operators create standout communication across all touch points. The Christmas in Foodservice report, reveals how foodservice and other categories fared during the 2017 Christmas season. 

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In this Christmas snapshot, you’ll discover new data and insights about the season – covering foodservice and beyond – so you can learn from 2017’s lessons and plan now to captivate consumers next year.

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