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How well do you know the Russian Toy Market?

1. Which category has had the greatest market share growth in Russia?

Building Sets
Yes! The category had 21.9% market share in Q1 2016. Even with a high average price, this category continues to attract customers with new lines.
No. Vehicle category share declined by 1.7% in Q1 2016 vs Q1 2015.
Arts & Crafts
No. After peak sales of bracelet looms in 2015, by early 2016, this category’s share was flat. Some segments continued to develop well, though, such as sculpting compounds and especially kinetic sand, which increased 5 times in value in Q1.

2. Which category rose in price the most in Q1 2016?

Outdoor & Sports Toys
Yes! Prices were up 21% in Q1 with an overall inflation in Russia of 7.3%. The number of high-priced SKUs, especially blasters, went up by 35%.
No. Vehicles had a price increase of 18%. Although this is higher than the average toy price increase of 14.8%, it is not the highest rise.
No. Doll prices went up only by 7% due to the large number of small and collectible dolls that have appeared on the market.

3. Which category has the largest assortment?

Building Sets
No, not this category. Although building sets assortment grew by 12%, the average item number represents only 9% of all toys.
Infant and Preschool
Yes! This segment has the biggest range of products: 20% of all toys, but it fell by 10% in Q1'16.
Art & Crafts
No. But despite accounting for only 8% of all toys, the category grew by 19% in one year.

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