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Foodservice: Despite Brexit results, visits using a deal are in decline

By Cyril Lavenant, Executive Director Foodservice UK

With Brexit came a lot of uncertainty, and many consumers became more hesitant about spending their disposable income. One prediction following this uncertainty was that consumers would become more attracted to promotions. However, CREST® data shows that in Q3 2016, visits on deal decreased across most channels.

The decline in QSR was the most significant contributor for total commercial, and this decline in promotional visits is linked to less frequent use of daily/weekly special promotions.

Consumers under age 35 drove the decline in promotional visits, while those in the 35-to-64 age group continued to eat out of home on deal, favouring in particular meal deals.

Since 1975 CREST®, NPD's flagship information service, has been monitoring all aspects of how consumers use restaurants and foodservice by rigorously tracking visits to commercial and non-commercial foodservice establishments. CREST arms manufacturers and operators with market dynamics from the consumer perspective, allowing them to monitor the total foodservice industry or examine specific segments, categories, chains, or food items. CREST tracks consumer foodservice usage in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.



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