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The foodservice landscape is shifting around the globe. The supply chain is evolving, consumer needs and tastes are changing, the channels offering foodservice are plentiful, and technology is enabling convenience and service at the speed of light. Whether you’re a foodservice distributor, manufacturer, or operator, navigating the new landscape can be a challenge—but that’s where The NPD Group comes in. We’ve been tracking every aspect of the industry for more than 40 years, from sizing gaps and opportunities, to assessing your market share, to determining what operators actually buy, and tracking consumer purchasing trends over time.

Foodservice in Europe: Current realities, future possibilities




Since 1997, CREST® (Consumer Reports on Eating Share Trends) has monitored consumer visits to commercial and non-commercial foodservice locations. It tracks the total foodservice industry and specific segments, categories, chains, and food items.

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Based on actual operator sales data collected in Europe, North America, and the United Arab Emirates, NPD’s foodservice benchmarking service, SalesTrack®, reports monthly and weekly same-store sales, ticket and average ticket trends for the total market, market segments, and competing chains.

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This receipt-scanning service delivers granular insights by capturing scanned receipts for food and beverage purchases from thousands of receipts every day. Data includes full details on items purchased, including pricing, identification of combo purchases and multiple purchases of the same product, beverage brand and volume information, method of purchase, and more.

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Improve your marketing and product development by leveraging our advanced data techniques and proprietary solutions to predict areas of risk and growth. Uncover the “why behind the buy."

We Track Foodservice Around the Globe

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