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‘Kidults’ appetite for toys continues to rise, growing 8% in value in 2017

The trend for adults buying games and puzzles, building sets, action figures and other collectibles for themselves is continuing to grow.

British foodservice operators stand to lose the best part of £1 billion of business as 25-to-34-year-olds curb their eating out habits

The NPD Group is predicting a decrease in eat-out or out-of-home (OOH) visits by consumers aged 25-to-34 between now and 2022.

Industry Trends

Digital Delivery Around the World

Over the past couple of years in the 13 global foodservice markets NPD tracks, digital delivery has been one business area growing steadily in every country.

The Future of Foodservice Great Britain: 2022

Britain’s population is expected to grow +3.9% by 2022 — but it’s also ageing. Per-capita visits are declining, and our forecast shows this will continue.

Foodservice Spotlight

U.K. Out-of-Home Eating Trends

After three quarters of strong growth, breakfast traffic in the U.K. fell, but after three quarters of poor performance, dinner returned to growth.

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