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Netherlands: Europe’s Fastest Growing Toy Market

Despite its small population, the Netherlands is the seventh largest toy market in Europe thanks to a solid annual spend of €330 per child.

The unstoppable rise of the takeaway delivery phenomenon means the market is now worth £4.2 billion, up 73% in a decade

Global information company The NPD Group says there is no stopping the delivery phenomenon.

Industry Trends

How important are non-meat diets to the foodservice industry?

Over the last few years in Great Britain there has been increasing focus on vegetarian and vegan trends. Many people claim to have switched to meat-free diets, voicing health and environmental reasons for doing so.

Quick Look: The Dutch Toy Market

2017: Solid growth

Foodservice Spotlight

U.K. Out-of-Home Eating Trends

After three quarters of strong growth, breakfast traffic in the U.K. fell, but after three quarters of poor performance, dinner returned to growth.

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